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About Garda Architectural Fabrication

Ivo Tombazzi founded Garda Arch Fab, LLC in September 2012. Garda Architectural Fabrication specializes in architectural and ornamental fabrication, serving the city of Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. Ivo Tombazzi and his sons, Frank and Lou, have over a hundred years of combined experience in the field of metal and ornamental fabrication and have worked on a number of high profile projects in Northern Ohio, including the Spire on top of Key Center, the Palace Theatre Marquee, and the stainless steel railings at the Hopkins International Airport.

For the last four decades, the Tombazzi family has developed a reputation of excellence through Garda Arch Fab and its sister company, Tomco Metal Fabricating, Inc. Established by Ivo Tombazzi in 1976, Tomco is well known throughout the metal fabrication industry for its quality work and service. From 1976 to 2011, Tomco won over 70 Craftsmanship Awards from the Builder's Exchange and 4 national and international awards from NOMMA (the National Ornamentals and Miscellaneous Metals Association).

Completed Projects by the Tombazzi Family Include:

    bank monumental stair
  • The Galleria (Rails & Glass)
  • Cleveland Clinic (Lerner Research Center)
  • Case Western Reserve (The Baldachino)
  • The Spire on Society Tower (Key Center)
  • Nordstrom at Beachwood
  • SouthPark Mall (Rails & Glass)
  • Palace Theatre (Marquee)
  • MBNA Bank in Beachwood, Ohio
    (Monumental Stair)

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Our Leadership

Owner, ivo Tombazzi

Ivo Tombazzi, Owner of Garda Arch Fab and CEO and Founder of Tomco Metal Fabricating Inc., has almost 60 years of experience in the field of ornamental, architectural and miscellaneous metals. He holds a degree in engineering and is a member of the Cleveland Engineering Institute.  

Some of Ivo's most memorable high profile projects include the glass and rails throughout the Galleria, the Baldachino at Case Western Reserve and the Spire on Society Tower (Key Center).

Managing Partner, Frank TombazziFrank

Frank Tombazzi has almost 40 years of experience in delivering quality customized designs and metal fabrications to the greater Cleveland area and beyond. He specializes in decorative guard railings, monumental staircases, canopies, unique signage, support systems and miscellaneous metals (Spec. Sections 05500 and 05700). Frank holds a bachelor's of science degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Technology from Bowling Green State University.

Frank's portfolio includes the stairs and glass railing systems at the Cleveland Clinic (Lerner Center), the Marquee at Palace Theatre, and the monumental stair and stair towers at The Cleveland Clinic Heart Hospital's Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Pavilion.

LouManaging partner, Lou Tombazzi

With over 40 years of industry experience, Lou Tombazzi specializes in running the day to day operations of the company, including supervising a staff of architects, engineers, general contractors and office staff. His areas of expertise include project management, design and engineering management, transportation/trucking/delivery operations, material sourcing and training personnel. Lou attended Lakeland Community College and is a member of the Cleveland Engineering Society.

Some of Lou's high profile projects include Nordstrom at Beachwood, the rails and glass at the SouthPark Mall, and the four story Monumental Staircase with polished bronze railings at the MBNA Bank.



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