1873 East 55th Street   •   Cleveland, Ohio 44103

The Architectural & Ornamental Metal Fabricator

Glass Gallery

BF Goodrich Offices - Glass Rails

BF Goodrich Offices

Buckley King Office - Stair

BF Goodrich Offices

CCF Learner Research Center - Glass Rails


Church Stairway - Ornate

Cleveland Clinic’s  Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Pavilion

Dix & Eaton

First National Tower - Glass Canopy

Federal Building

Federal Reserve Bank

Landerbrook Building

Lawyer's Office - Glass Rails & Spiral Staircase

Porter & Wright - Glass Rails

Private Residences - Glass Rails

Progressive Office - Stairs & Rails

South Park Mall - Glass Rails

St. Joseph & John, Trophy Case

Garda Architectural Fabrication Combines A Sense Of "Old World" Tradition With Contemporary Architectural Design Styles And Ornamental Metal Fabrication

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