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The Architectural & Ornamental Metal Fabricator

Metal Products

Architectural Fabrication

Garda Arch Fab specializes in the fabrication of architectural metals for the structural frames of buildings, as well as for railings, stairs, canopies, arches and other construction projects.

Our fabrication and construction capabilities include:

  • Aluminum Fabrication & Architectural Extruded Shapes
  • Aluminum & Bronze Expansion Joints
  • Construction & Erection of Channel Support Systems and Lintels
  • Copper Fabrication
  • Granite & Marble Supports & Ties
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Rebar Fabrication
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Structural and Architectural Tubing
  • Welded Steel Products

Canopies, Marquees & Signage

Garda Arch Fab is well known in the Cleveland area for their commercial and industrial canopies, marquees, signage and similar construction projects. Our recent customers include the Palace Theatre, the Plain Dealer, and Meridian Health.

Health sign Palace Theatre Plain Dealer Canopy


columns for the buildingDoor Frames / Doors

Garda Arch Fab specializes in the construction and installation of steel doors and door frames of a variety of architectural materials. We are able to erect columns for entry ways as well as construct and install overhead canopies and marquees. The image to the right showcases the impressive columns we installed on the Landerbrook Building.

Brecksville CemeteryOrnamental Iron Fences & Arches

Our craftsmen produce custom ornamental iron work, including fences and arches. If you are looking to create an architectural style that harkens back to the past, our skilled crews can create beautiful, ornamental iron fences that will truly stand the test of time.

Screens, Grilles & Gratings

grillesGarda Arch Fab's metal fabrication capabilities include aluminum, decorative, sheet metal and stainless steel grating as well as the construction of decorative and fabricated grilles.

Our capabilities include the construction of structures such as:

  • Decorative & Ornamental Grilles
  • Fire Escapes
  • Material & Security Screens
  • Railings
  • Trench Grating
  • Zoo Cages

Sculptures, Spires & Crosses

When it comes to decorative metal fabrication, Garda Arch Fab has developed an outstanding reputation in the city of Cleveland. From the creation of the spire on top of Key Center, to the new construction and renovation of church crosses and steeples, our company has developed a reputation for excellence in architectural design, construction and renovation. We are the company of choice when it comes to intricate metal work, such as the construction of a designer's new sculpture.

Spire spire erection finished sculpture

Stairs & Rails

From monumental decorative staircases to utilitarian railings, Garda Arch Fab specializes in the construction and installation of stairs and rails for businesses, non-profits, schools, and universities. We have constructed stairs and rails for a large number of Northern Ohio businesses, including John Carroll University, the Cleveland Public Library, the CWRU campus, and the MBNA Bank. Browse our gallery for a more complete list of recent customers.

Our Stair & Rail Capabilities include:


Metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Glass, Stainless Steel, Steel & Painted Steel

Types: Decorative, Ornate, Utilitarian, Pipe Railings, Guard Rails

utilitarian Dix and Eaton airportCCF CWRU Cleveland Public Library


Types: Prefabricated, Architectural Metals, Curved, Spiral, Steel, & Iron

staircase hotel spiral Buckley King Office


Wall Panels, Shelving & Custom Furniture

Our crews can construct and install a large variety of exterior and interior pieces, such as wall panels, partitions, custom built furniture, ladders, shelving and decking.

Our construction capabilities include:

  • Architectural Facing Panels
  • Corner Guards & Lintels
  • Facia Panels
  • Fabricated and Special Panels
  • Steel, Fabricated and Special Partitions
  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Ladders & Stepladders
  • Metal Roof Decks
  • Roof Hatches & Scuttles
  • Steel Bumper Posts
  • Steel Shelving
  • Wall Panels - Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel

Garda Architectural Fabrication Combines A Sense Of "Old World" Tradition With Contemporary Architectural Design Styles And Ornamental Metal Fabrication

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